The legal separation of man and wife, effected by the judgment or decree of a court, and either totally dissolving the marriage relation, or suspending its effects so far as concerns the cohabitation of the parties.
See also alimony
- ex parte divorce
- migratory divorce
@ divorce a mensa et thoro
/davors ey mensa et 0orow/ A divorce from table and bed, or from bed and A partial or qualified divorce, by which the parties are separated and forbidden to live or cohabit together, without affecting the marriage itself
@ divorce a vinculo matrimonii
/davors ey virjkyalow maetramowniyay/
A divorce from the bond of marriage. A total, absolute divorce of husband and wife, dissolving the marriage tie, and releasing the parties wholly from their matrimonial obligations
@ divorce by (no-fault) consent
Type of no-fault divorce in which parties are not required to prove fault or grounds for divorce beyond a showing of irretrievable breakdown of marriage or irreconcilable differences. The majority of states have no-fault divorce statutes in one form or another. See, e.g., Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act, No.No. 302, 305
@ divorce from bed and board
See divorce a mensa et thoro, above.
@ foreign divorce
A divorce obtained out of the state or country where the marriage was solemnized.
@ limited divorce
A divorce from bed and board; or a judicial separation of husband and wife not dissolving the marriage tie.
+ limited divorce
A divorce decree or judgment may be restricted to a dissolution of the marriage with no provision for support. In another sense, term refers to a divorce a mensa et thoro (from bed and board) with no right to remarry
@ migratory divorce
Term used to describe a divorce secured by a spouse or spouses who leave(s) his/their domicile and move(s) to, or reside(s) temporarily in, another state or country for purpose of securing the divorce.
See also ex parte divorce.
+ migratory divorce
Term used to describe a divorce secured by a spouse who leaves his or her domicile and moves to, or resides temporarily in, another state or country for purpose of securing the divorce.
@ no-fault divorce
See divorce by consent
@ parliamentary divorce
A divorce decreed by the British Parliament or by a legislative act in contrast to a divorce granted by a court.
@ divorce proctors
Person, generally an attorney, appointed to protect children or the interests of the state in a divorce action. Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act, No.310.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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